Code of Conduct for Teachers

Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics for Teachers

  1. Every teacher shall, at all times, maintain absolute integrity and devotion to duty. They shall be strictly honest and impartial in his official dealings.
  2. Every teachers shall be present at the place of his duty during the prescribed working hours. No teachers shall be absent from duty without prior permission or grant of leave except for valid reasons or unforeseen contingencies. When the exigencies of the college any kind of required leave may be refused or revoked by the authority.
  3. Any habitual late coming or early going or absence without proper permission will be viewed seriously and appropriate action will be taken.
  4. Every teacher of the college may be called upon to perform such duties as may be assigned to him beyond the prescribed working hours and announced holidays including Sunday without claim for additional remuneration.
  5. Every teacher shall devote himself diligently to his work and utilize his time to the service of the college and to the cause of education and give full co-operation in all academic programmes and other activities conducive to the welfare of the student community as well as of the college
  6. Every teacher shall engage classes regularly and punctually to maintain and strengthen the standards of academic excellence.  His/her academic duties shall include guidance and instruction to students in the form of taking theory & practical classes, mentoring, evaluating work assigned to him by the college authority.
  7. Every teacher shall participate fully and enthusiastically in the curricular or co-curricular work related to the college as may be assigned to him by the college authority.
  8. No teacher shall discriminate against any pupil on grounds of caste, creed, religion, sex, nationality or language. He/she shall also discourage such tendencies among his colleagues and students.
  9. Every teacher shall help the college authority in enforcing and maintaining discipline among students.
  10. No teacher shall provoke students against other students, teachers or college authorities. This does not interfere with the right of a teacher to express his opinion on principles in seminars or other places where students are present.
  11. Every teacher shall assess impartially the performance of students in internal examination, assignment, practical etc. He/she should not indulge in over-making, under making or other attempts at victimization on any ground.
  12. Every teacher shall perform and record their day-to-day activities in the designated register in every day.
  13. No teacher shall resort to unauthorized use of college resources or facilities for personal, commercial, political or other purpose not related to the college.
  14. No teachers shall resort to threats of physical harm, forcible detention, harassment or intimidation of any staff or students of the college with the intention of interfering with the performance of his duties.
  15. No teacher shall refuse to carry out the decision of the appropriate administrative or academic bodies of the college.
  16. No teacher shall violate the canons of intellectual honesty such as misappropriation of the writings and research findings of others.
  17. No teacher shall without previous intimation to the college stand for election or accept nomination to any local body, legislature of the State or Parliament.
  18. No teacher shall engage himself or participate in any demonstration or activity which is prejudicial to the sovereignty or integrity of India, the security of the State, decency or morality or which involves contempt of Court, deformation or incitement to an offence.
  19. No teacher shall except in accordance with any general or special orders of the college or in the performance in good faith or duties assigned to him disclose or communicate directly or indirectly any official documents or other confidential information whatsoever to any teacher or to any other person to whom he is not authorized to disclose or communicate such document or information.
  20. No teacher shall, except with the previous permission of the college authority, engage himself directly or indirectly in any remuneration related job from any source other than the college or give private tuition to any student or other person or engage him/her in any business.
  21. A teacher who gets involved in some criminal proceedings shall immediately inform the college irrespective of the fact whether he has been released on bail or not.
  22. A teacher who is detained in Police custody whether on criminal charge or otherwise for a period of longer than forty eight hours shall not join his/her duty unless he gets written permission from the college and be deemed to have been suspended from the date on which he was taken to Police custody.
  23. Whenever a teacher wishes to put forth any claim or seeks redressal of any grievance or of any wrong done to him, he must forward his case through the proper channel.

Non-compliance or violation of any of the above mentioned code of conduct can lead to appropriate action being taken against the concerned individual.