Programme Learning Outcome

Programme Learning Outcomes


After successful completion of the two-year B.Ed course, student teachers would be able to develop-

PLO1. Teaching competencies: Know how to make the teaching-learning process student-centric, apply pedagogical knowledge in classroom teaching, select appropriate teaching methods and strategies, organize appropriate learning experiences for learners, and select and use appropriate assessment strategies.

PLO2. Leadership qualities: Enable to work as a leader or a member of a team, lead by way of example in their behaviour and actions, by providing adequate challenging tasks to them, and through various administrative duties.

PLO3. Effective Communication Skill: Hold effective classroom communication, present seminars and other talks related to subjects, and communicate effectively with parents and the community.

PLO4. Critical Thinking: Evaluate the curriculum, suggest changes in the curriculum, identify means to properly disseminate the curriculum, construct outcome-based learning objectives, construct a blueprint, analyze textbooks to identify various biases, and carry out action research.

PLO5. Application of Innovative Teaching Strategies: apply various strategies leading to innovations in teaching, evaluate the use of these strategies, and change these strategies according to student needs.

PLO6. ICT Enabled Teaching: Identify various tools available and suitable for teaching-learning, use the tools effectively for teaching learning, assessment, conduct online teaching and assessment.

PLO7. Positive Attitude Towards Inclusion: Know the concept of inclusion, identify diversities present in the classroom, and successfully carry out various measures of effective inclusion in the school.

PLO8. Gender Sensitized Outlook: Identify gender inequalities, biases, and stereotypes prevalent in society, and spread awareness of the need for gender sensitization.

PLO9. Citizen Ethics: Develop democratic values, and become responsible towards the community and society.

PLO10. Lifelong Learning: Develop self-directed learning habits, and prepare learning designs, papers for seminar presentations, and online content.