The institution works on the following goals and objectives for achieving the vision, mission, and values:

  1. To introduce the prospective teachers to the fundamentals of education through various papers, prescribed in B.Ed. course.
  2. To acquaint the student teachers with information communication technology and its application in teaching and learning in 21st century.
  3. To promote inclusive education.
  4. To develop the infrastructure befitting to an institution of teacher education.
  5. To equip the student teachers to acquire competencies and skills required for effective teaching and become reflective practitioners.
  6. To draw out the innate talents of student teachers through various academic and other activities.
  7. To impart value based education.
  8. To produce efficient teachers as human resource who can promote healthy citizenship contributing towards national development. 
  9. To make proper use of its existing resources – the human resources as well as its land, buildings etc. in the light of modern concept of teacher education.
  10. To encourage student teachers for community participation and social service through various community based activities.
  11. To develop a resource centre with sufficient data, teaching aids and modern methodology and to provide the scope for self learning of the practicing teachers in their leisure time, easy availability of teaching aids at low cost etc.
  12. To develop a research centre to help practicing teachers and intending researchers in education in solving their problems as well as conducting research in education.