NSS Unit

Name of NSS Unit: N S S Unit, Sponsored Teachers' Training College, Purulia 

Date of Start : 7th April, 2017.

Number of Volunteer : 100 ( One hundred )

Number of Unit : 1 (one)

Name of Programme officer : Sri Ramesh Chandra Mahato.

Name of Office Staff  : Sri Pranab Banerjee


Memebr of NSS Unit Sub committee ;

(i) Dr Shyamal Kumar Biswas - Chairman

(ii) Sri Ramesh Chandra Mahato - Programme Officer

(iii) Sri Buddhodev Chowdhury - Member

(iv) Sri Biswajit Saha  - Member

(v) Sri Prodip Karmakar  - Member

(vi) Miss Nabani Barman - Member

Picture of our Activities