Moto,Vision & Mission


The motto of the institution is:  “Pursuit for human excellence”.


1) To create a world of effective literacy imbued with thirst for unending knowledge through 
Educating teachers with quality.

2) To be the friends of the society through providing meaningful teacher education.


1) To educate a band of youth who opted or have a desire to opt for the job of teaching to become a good teacher who would be able to educate the future citizens of our society at the secondary level of education.

2) To enhance the quality of Secondary Education through providing meaningful and effective teacher education at the secondary level.

3) To serve the society in a more meaningful way through community involvement.

4) To develop the college in to a resource centre that could help the teachers in performing their job in the best way.

5) To develop the college in to a centre for Research and Development of Education.



We want to develop within our college community:

1) Flexibility – to cope with any situation;

2) Willingness to Contribute to Innovation;

3) Ability to Cope with Uncertainties;

4) Interest for Life-long Learning;

5) Inclination to Acquire Social Sensitivity;

6) Communication Skills;

7) Spirit of Team-work;

8) Willingness to Shoulder Responsibilities;

9) Entrepreneurship;

10) Social, Moral and Spiritual values;

11) Inclination to Use New Technologies and Inter-Disciplinary approach.


(a) To develop the infrastructure befitting to an institution of teacher education.

(b) To make proper use of its existing resources – the human resources as well as its land,
       buildings etc in the light of modern concept of teacher education.

(c) To modernize the existing Laboratories to their modern stature.

(d) To use modern technologies in teacher education like computers, internet etc in all 
      the sections of the institution.

(e) To develop standard habitable hostels for the students where they could pursue
their studies at ease.

(f) To procure relevant and current books and journals for the college library.

(g) To make extension of the services of the library in terms of both the target population and duration.

(h) To develop a resource centre with sufficient data, teaching aids and modern methodology; and to provide the scope for self learning of the practicing teachers in their leisure time, easy availability of teaching aids at low cost etc.

(i) To make provisions for regular games and sports and cultural activities for the inmates.

(j) To make provisions for staff quarters that could accommodate staff members to convert it to a residential institution.

(k) To develop a research centre to help practicing teachers and intending researchers in education in solving their problems as well as conducting research in education.