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From the Desk of T.I.C

I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.Albert Einstein

Sponsored Teachers’ Training College, Purulia was established to impart quality and value based teacher education. Under the auspices of the ‘Women Development Scheme’ during the Third Five Year Plan, the Government of West Bengal established the College vide G.O. No. 2318 Edn(G) dated 6/10.7.1964, as a Govt. Sponsored College with the name “Sponsored Teachers’ Training College for Women”. It started its journey from the academic session 1964-65 with an intake of 40 (forty) women trainee under affiliation from the University of Burdwan. The Government of West Bengal has permitted the College for ‘Co-education’ teaching from the academic session 1969-70 with an increased intake of 200. The College has been renamed as “Sponsored Teachers’ Training College, Purulia”. The college is presently affiliated to Sidho-Kanho Birsha University, recognised by NCTE and included under 2(f) & 12(B) of UGC Act.

Our institution aims at empowering the student teachers with the professional and social competencies to compete with the challenging world. It always attempts to do things differently by going beyond the prescribed B. Ed syllabus of Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University, Purulia. In doing so we prepare our teacher trainees to face the challenges by equipping them with appropriate knowledge, experience, guidance and skills required in teaching – learning process. Over the year the Sponsored Teachers’ Training College, Purulia try to empowering them with latest teaching pedagogies, enabling them to be smart ICT users. We also empathetically stress on value education, gender sensitivity, inclusive education, environmental issues and concerns and over all personality enhancement of the teacher trainees. We always teach them if you have missed anything in life, don’t fill your eyes with tears! It may hide yet another beautiful thing standing in front of you. Path of success is not easy, nor swift. There is no other alternative for hard work. There is no magic which can make wonders in one night. We have to take efforts, planning, follow-up and then only good things can come up.

The synergetic efforts of management, teaching staff, non-teaching staff and students, who have been working as a team with an excellent cooperation and zeal, proved as a great boon for this institution to grow from stature to strength in the pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

‘Success is a Journey and not a destination.’

Dr. Shyamal Kumar Biswas